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            "I don't know what it is about this place! I just have to keep coming back."

            What is it about Provincetown that inspires that feeling? Contained in our small town, (one mile wide and three miles long) is a magic that keeps visitors returning, year after year. A vacation in Provincetown is bike rides in the National Seashore, or spending a day at one of New England’s most beautiful ocean beaches. It’s lazy afternoons, spent drifting from gallery to gallery in the shady East End, or walking the flats at sunrise. The shops downtown are part of it, too, treasure troves of artwork, handcrafts, antiques and unique objects from all over the world. Provincetown is a culinary adventure, with many fine and diverse restaurants, sprinkled from one end of town to the other. Dress is always informal, or  “Provincetown Chic”, and the food is wonderful! So is the night life: the clubs and discos, and the shows, many boasting nationally known stars.

            Maybe the magic lies in Provincetown’s tolerance of all lifestyles. People can feel comfortable and welcome here. No matter what the season, we want our visitors to experience the freedom we who live here are proud to share.  Our government is based upon an annual Town Meeting, where the entire town votes, and literally everyone has a chance to be heard. At heart we are a small New England village where respect for traditions, personal freedoms and talent are our most treasured offerings.


Looking to Buy?

Provincetown does not use MLS (Multiple Listing Service) or other computer databases to list property. Instead, agencies on the Outer Cape keep each other informed through mailings, open houses, faxes, etc. As a result of this cooperative ‘co-brokering’, we can show you any property listed with any agency. Pied Piper Real Estate will gladly work with you in this most important purchase, keeping you updated on any property listed with any agency. This assures you the maximum exposure to properties for sale in Provincetown.


Buy to Rent

Many home buyers in Provincetown finance their purchases by renting for part of the season. Most of our visitors are already familiar with the weekly rental process, having rented condos or houses themselves. Owning property here becomes a bit easier when the property generates income. It’s possible to pay a large part of a yearly mortgage, and still enjoy your property in the “off” season. We at Pied Piper Real Estate do a large volume of rentals every year, both seasonal and weekly, and would be happy to discuss this with you, as you search for your own Provincetown property.


House or Condo?

Although occasional bargains may come on the market, private homes off the water now start at around $300,000. Homes on the water, or with special views begin around $400,000. Price depends on location, size, views, age and condition. Features such as parking, income potential and modern septic systems also affect the asking price. A less expensive option might be a condo. Studio condos can still be had for under $200,000, and the term ‘condo’ can apply to freestanding structures. Associations can be as large as 25 or 30 units, or as small as two or three. Some condo associations allow weekly rentals and some do not, an important factor in determining whether a property is right for you.

Commercial Properties- Many people dream of owning a guesthouse, shop or restaurant in Provincetown. All of the agents at Pied Piper Real Estate have owned their own businesses in town and will be happy to answer any questions you might have. We can refer you to banks, mortgage companies, service people and attorneys with experience in the Cape Cod market.


TITLE V (Five) Septic- Massachusetts certifies septic systems as ‘passed’ or ‘failed’. This certification is called a Title V Certificate. When a property in Provincetown is listed as Title V, it usually refers to a newer septic system, built after 1986, not just the certificate. These systems have leaching fields, and septic tanks, versus and older cesspool configuration. The seller of the property is required to have a passing septic system (not necessarily a modern Title V), or an approved plan for a new system on file, in order to pass papers on that property. A passing cesspool system does not need to be upgraded for sale of property. Plans are still underway for a Town Sewage District in the downtown area. We’ll let you know if a property is in this District, as it can impact cost and planning.


Looking to Rent?

Weekly- A weekly rental in Provincetown can offer an affordable alternative to guesthouses or hotels. Accommodations can range from early ‘funky’ to luxurious homes. Check out our  Rentals page to get an idea of what’s available. (coming soon)

Seasonal- Seasonal rentals run May 15 – September 15, as a rule. If you’re planning to work here for the summer, or just want a place to come to every weekend, we have the seasonal rental for you. Seasonals go fast, though, so start looking early!

Questions? mailbtn2.jpg (5604 bytes) Email Us or call Toll Free 1-877-Pied Piper

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